Strategies for Evaluating and Enhancing Fertility and Family Building Benefits in 2024


DURATION: 60 minutes plus Q&A

Should fertility benefits be a priority for you this year? How predictable is the ROI, and what's the best way to make a business case for it?

Download this webinar to hear two Fortune 500 leaders explore these questions and more. Find out how they are evaluating or enhancing their benefit strategy and the modern approach to comprehensive fertility and family building support driving better cost management and affordability.

In this webinar, you'll get:

  • A clinical overview of fertility benefits and the need for support across a diverse population
  • An understanding of how one organization mitigated over $17 million in high-cost claims by switching benefit models (and have not received a single high-cost claim associated with fertility treatment in the 6+ years since switching!)
  • Guidance on the customization considerations required for organizations looking to build inclusive support into their plan designs
  • An action plan to implement your own strategy for more effective and equitable care


  • Manager US Health Plans, Fortune 100 Company
  • Employee Benefits and Services, Fortune 300 Company
  • VP of Member and Client Experience, Progyny

Moderated by:

  • Dawn Weddle, Vice President, Midwest Business Group on Health


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